The consulting team of MPE has extensive experience in the design and operation of public and industrial power supply systems. This experience spans all network levels (high, medium and low voltage networks).

Our consulting references include network studies for long-term nationwide planning of transmission networks to specialised studies in the field of network stability.

A particular focus of our consulting activities focus on grid integration of renewable energy sources, in particular the investigation of effects of renewable energy on the system performance of entire power systems.

In addition to the traditional components of the energy supply we have extensive experience in the field of HVDC technologies, thyristor-controlled series compensation, STATCOMs etc.

Our engineers are considered specialists with the most complex topics in the field of power system analysis, such as network stability, harmonics, transients or sub-synchronous resonance.

Our core competencies are:

 ·        Network studies, particularly in the area of network and system integration of renewable energies;

·         Stability studies (small signal, transient, frequency and voltage stability);

·         Power system stabiliser performance verification (on generators or other equipment);

·         Planning studies for high, medium and low voltage networks;

·         Incident analysis;

·         Modelling of components and systems;

·         Transient studies (inrush currents, switching surges);

·         Very fast transient over-voltages (VFTO's) in gas insulated substations (GIS);

·         Insulation coordination;

·         Protection studies and testing;

·         Investigation of sub-synchronous resonance (SSR);

·         Harmonic analysis and filter design / verification and testing;

·         PV & wind farm flicker analysis;

·         Grid connection of offshore wind farms;

·         High voltage direct current (both voltage and current source technologies);

·         Bipolar HVAC system high level electrical design / comparison;

·         DIgSILENT PowerFactory DSL script production and maintenance; 

·         Workshops and seminars on:

·         grid stability;

·         grid integration of renewable energy;

·         sub-synchronous resonance;

·         modelling of wind farms;