Engineering and Design


We can design and plan networks, cables, transformers, sub-stations and power plants of wind and solar projects using both technical and economic criteria. We will provide the necessary transparency of costs and discuss with you possible solution alternatives.

We plan the connection in accordance with the relevant guidelines (Medium Voltage Directive, TAB, the respective network operator, Transmission Code / Grid Connection of Transmission System Operators, SDLWindV) so that the grid connection process goes smoothly and without loss of time.

If you have requirements for reactive power / voltage control we can come up with a range of options and dimension the equipment appropriately for you.

If harmonics can be an issue, we can determine the extent of the problem and dimension any required filter unit so that the relevant regulations can be met.

Where system operators require grid code compliance testing we can act as your engineer and ensure that the tests are recorded, performed properly, and will not cause damage to plant or personnel.

To plan your installation, we apply modern standard software. Based on a detailed model of your system, we can identify potential problems early and resolve at an early planning stage.

We represent your interests with the network operator. Due to our extensive experience in network operations and the number of projects that we have carried out for network operators, our engineers are respected and listened to by them, so that in the end an economic solution can be found.


Our core competencies are:

·         Design and planning of cable networks

·         Planning of sub-stations (medium and high voltage)

·         Design and planning of reactive power compensation equipment

·         Harmonic analysis and filter design & testing

·         Power system stabiliser tuning & testing

·         Protection selectivity, protection checking and testing

·         Offshore wind farms design

·         Grid code compliance testing

·         Planning in accordance with the relevant guidelines especially

·         BDEW Medium Voltage Directive

·         TABs of network operators

·         Transmission & distribution codes

·         Connection rules of the TSO SDLWindV

·         FGW TR3, TR4 and TR8

·         Administrative process for grid connection

·         Knowledge of the requirements of medium and high voltage electrical generating plants