Welcome to MPE

NEWS: Have you noticed the new name? MPH is changing name to MPE in order to reflect our operation as one team across our UK and German offices. It’s the same expertise, just with a slightly different name…  Keep an eye out for our new website which should be coming in the next few weeks..... 


M.P.E. is comprised of a team of power system and renewable energy specialists providing electrical engineering consultancy across a range of disciplines. Our particular focus areas include the system integration of renewable energy, maximising HVAC power transmission capability, and optimisation of the use of transmission scale power electronics.

Our services are aimed at operators of public or industrial networks, operators and developers of wind and solar farms or conventional thermal generation, and policy makers who want to benefit from our experience and expertise in the field of electrical power systems and power system simulation software.

To find out more about the services we offer, please take a look at the Engineering and Design or Consultancy pages.